In the previous post I talked about the functionality of the GIT repository in Hana 2.0 XSA, this repository is local and independent for each developer so it is normal to integrate it with a GIT type tool, and in today’s post what I’m going to tell you is how to integrate the Hana GIT with

As you can imagine, the first thing to do is to have an account in, secondly, we will have to create a repository with which we will synchronize the information and thirdly to authenticate from Hana to we will need to obtain the token for access.

Github repository creation

During the generation of the access token we must select the permissions that we are going to give to our application.

Token Generation
Oauth Token

Setup HANA Git with

The next step will be from the Web IDE for Hana tool to create a project and initialize the local repository.

Repository initilization

After initializing the local repository we will generate the first commit.

Initial Commit

The next step will be to configure our local repository with our repository previously created in, for this we will select the Set Remote option.

Set Remote

In the following screen we will introduce the url of the repository that we have previously created in Github. repository url

Now we must enter our user and the token we have generated.

github user ID and token

Once everything is configured and as a final step we can make a push from our local repository in web IDE to the repository in

Push repository to Github
Github Repository

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