A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to discuss with a customer different options to evolve his SAP BW on Hana from pure BW scenarios to mixed scenarios (BW+Hana) and even native (Hana); among other things, the topic of the types of licenses that existed for Hana and what could be done with each of them or what license was needed for each case came up.

For your information, here is a summary of the types of Hana licensing currently available.


This license includes SAP Hana as a database to support the use of the application (runtime), so any functionality that Hana can provide (native) can always be used through the application layer. An example would be BW on Hana or BW4HANA where we take advantage of the speed (RAM + multicore CPU + columnar) but through BW objects optimized for Hana.

Hana Runtime

Runtime licensing metrics

The metric is the number of users of the SAP application that has been purchased and additionally a percentage of the above amount is paid as a license for Hana, so that it can only be used as a database for the product in question.


This type of license allows you to use native Hana functionality and we have several types:

  • SAP Hana Standard Edition: Allows licensing the following components:
    • Database Services.
    • Integration Services.
    • Application Services.
    • SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering.
    • SAP HANA Accelerator for SAP ASE.
    • SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer, edition for SAP HANA.
    • SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by SAP HANA.
    • SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation.
  • SAP Hana Enterprise Edition: Includes the following components in addition to the Standard Edition:
    • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE) and SAP MaxDB.
    • SAP HANA Accelerator for SAP ASE.
    • SAP HANA, Spatial and Graph Option.
    • SAP HANA, Data Privacy Option.
    • SAP HANA, Search and Text Option.
    • SAP HANA, Information Management Option.
    • SAP HANA, Predictive Option.
    • SAP HANA predictive analysis library (PAL).
    • SAP HANA, Streaming Analytics Option.
    • SAP HANA, Data Replication Option.

Interestingly, if you have a Standard Edition license, you can license Enterprise components individually, i.e., in addition to those included in the standard, you can license PAL (Predictive Analysis Library) or Spatial and Graph, for example.

Hana Full Use
  • SAP Hana Active/Active Read-Enabled Option: Enables additional functionality for disaster recovery and allows reporting workloads to be run on a secondary Hana system.

Full Edition licensing metrics

Full Edition license metrics


It is a Hana platform service managed on SAP Cloud Platform (SCP).

SAP Hana Cloud Services

The typologies are analogous to the on premise mentioned above (Standard and Enterprise) although it allows 2 types of contracting.

  • Based on consumption or credits: The cost is variable and will depend on the use we make of the service.
  • Subscription based: We have a fixed price for the functionality and size in Gb of the Hana service to be contracted.


Se trata de la versión Community y gratuita hasta 32 gb de RAM, tenemos disponible gran parte de los componentes de la licencia Enterprise, en concreto son los siguientes:

  • Database Services
FeatureSAP HANA, express edition
Columnar, ACID compliant store for OLTP and OLAPYes (32 GB maximum)
Highly Optimized CompressionYes
Multitenant Database ContainersYes
Data Warehouse FoundationYes
SAP HANA dynamic tieringNo
Multiple Hosts/Scale OutNo
Backup RecoveryYes
System ReplicationYes
  • Integration Services
FeatureSAP HANA, express edition
Smart Data AccessYes
SAP HANA streaming analyticsYes
Smart Data IntegrationYes
  • Processing Services
FeatureSAP HANA, express edition
Predictive Analytics, RYes (PAL, R-Connector)
Graph EngineYes
Fuzzy Text and Fuzzy Text SearchYes
Text Analytics and Data MiningYes
Smart Data QualityNo
Series DataYes
Python Client API for machine learning algorithmsYes (available with SAP HANA, express edition only)
R Client API for machine learning algorithmsYes
  • Application Services
FeatureSAP HANA, express edition
Extended Application ServicesYes
Server-side JavascriptYes
Modeling, Information ComposerYes
  • Development Tools
FeatureSAP HANA, express edition
HANA StudioYes
Web Based Development WorkbenchYes
  • Administration/Security
FeatureSAP HANA, express edition
Monitoring and TroubleshootingYes
SAP HANA CockpitYes
Solution ManagerNo


I leave you some links with interesting references that have served as source for the post:

If in doubt, the official recommendation would be to discuss with your trusted partner or SAP (as appropriate) which one best suits your needs.

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