BW4 Hana

Optimize processes and support innovations with a single, reliable source of real-time insights. Based on SAP HANA, BW4Hana is a next-generation data warehousing solution that enables you to capitalize on the full value of data from SAP applications or third-party solutions, as well as unstructured, geospatial or based in BigData technology.

Some of its main features:

  • On-premise or cloud implementation.
  • Simplified modeling and administration.
  • Integration with SAP and non-SAP applications.
  • Intuitive user experience.

Simplified modeling and administration tasks

Accelerate change requests and reduce implementation time while reducing development costs with simplified modeling and management features.

Integration with SAP and third-party applications

It has integration capabilities with SAP and third-party applications through native connectors.

Real-time processing of a large volume of data

BW4 allows you to take advantage of the power of the Hana Database to process large volumes of information in real time.

Improved user experience

Increased productivity and user adoption thanks to an intuitive user experience and a modern interface.


Simplification and agility

SAP BW4Hana in its latest version has a new object model that leverages the power of Hana, this allows implementations combining BW own models, native in Hana and mixed scenarios with persistent data (loads and ETL) and virtual (Real Time and federated access with SDA).


Discover the capabilities of BW/4 HANA