SAP Hana

SAP Hana is an In-Memory technology platform that combines a database with a set of services for application development and innovative data analysis. It provides real-time analysis by combining analytical (OLAP) and transactional (OLTP) capabilities in a single platform.

As main characteristics we can highlight:
• In-Memory processing of information that eliminates the need for data replication in Datawarehousing environments.
• Real-time information from Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).
• Integrated data virtualization and replication for increased scalability and simplification.
• Ability to develop applications using Advance Analytics services such as Predictive, Graph processing or Geospatial.

SAP Hana Services

HANA Agile EDW Architecture

Architecture and design of data models in SAP Hana for building Enterprise Datawarehousing (EDW) solutions.

HANA Models for SAP Reporting

Semantic models for operational reporting and real-time KPIs.

SAP Hana POC (Proof of Concept)

Design and construction of prototypes to functionally and technically validate that analytical solutions based on SAP Hana technology are valid.

Technology consulting for SAP Hana projects

Advice on Hana analytics / advance analytics type projects.

Hana Advance Analytics

Development and configuration of Hana services such as predictive, graph, spatial.

Performance Hana Models

Review and analysis of data models for performance evaluation and improvement.

SAP HANA SQL Datawarehousing

Native development approach in SAP Hana using all the functionality and components for building Datawarehousing solutions. Featured tools:

  • Web IDE for Hana.
  • Enterprise Architecture.
  • Datawarehouse Foundation.
  • XSA Development

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