FastInsights for SAP Hana


FastInsights is a set of SAP Hana native models that allows to exploit the information of the main modules of SAP ERP or S4.

FastInsights not only exposes the raw tables data but incorporates business logic that provides semanticsto the information. (master data, ID, descriptions, key figures, intercompany elimination in sales, yoy, ytd, etc.)

FastInsights allows to obtain information in real time, all calculations and logics are performed on the fly, no data transformation is necessary in the source

Designed with the best development practices to have the best In-Memory performance of SAP Hana.

Compatiblewith SAP BI tools, SAP Analytics Cloud and third-party BI tools (PowerBI, Tableau, etc.)

Some benefits:

  • ROI: Allows to obtain in weeks the result of months of project work

This native Hana models allow to obtain in days or weeks the results of months of project, combining best modeling practices with predelivered KPI’s and semantics for master data and main business dimensions.

  • Plug & Play Solution

Plug & Play Solution for 3 Hana scenarios
Deploy FastInsights models to begin to get insights in real time and build your analytics from a BI tool.
Versions for XS and XSA Hana databases.
Embedded scenario, BW4 scenario, Hana Cloud scenario.

  • More than 200 predefined KPI

Sales orders (SD-SLS), delivery (SD-LE), billing (SD-BIL), purchasing (MM-PUR), inventory (MM-IM), Finance (FI).
Semantics for master data (Key, descriptions, dimension for analysis).
Developed using hana modelling best practices to get the best Hana perfomance.

  • Hana Roles authorizations

Hana roles & authorization included for each model.

  • Open and scalable models

Can be enhaced with ad-hoc Customer adaptations and be the base for evolution to new models.

  • Excellent base to exploit other Hana advanced features

This models can be used as base to explode new features from Hana as machine learning (PAL and APL), Graph, Spatial, etc.

  • Real time information

Deploy the solution in the SAP Hana of SAP ERP or S4 to obtain information in real time. Using real time replication for sidecar systems like Hana Cloud or BW4Hana.

  • Compatible with SAP BI / SAC & Third Party Tools (PowerBI, Tableau, etc.)

Solution compatible with BI frontend from SAP or Third Party (Power BI, Tableau, etc.). Allow to users to build new reports or dashboards based in the models.

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